A huge Thank You to the wonderful people who sent me a testimonial for my website. I take your kind words to heart with humility…

Alex has been invaluable in assisting me to create new possibilities and understand my own approach to life. Alex holds a space of neutral enquiry in which I can gain clarity and insight into my current life situation and behaviors. This allows me to evaluate and restructure the components of my life that need attention.. which in turn brings about the change required for the new opportunities to occur.
– Peter

Alex work’s with a variety of methods, and is flexible on adapting the way he works. He invites you to form and shape your own process by handing you tools and guidance. The coaching he does brings depth and room to explore deeper and more underneath the surface of your problem or question. He creates a really safe environment with his understanding and open approach. Also he boosts from enthusiasm, which is inspiring and pure. Overall he is a cool person, very easy to talk to and I’m really happy that I went to him when I struggled with my choices and sense of direction.
– Naomi