A huge Thank You to the wonderful people who sent me a testimonial for my website. I take your kind words to heart with humility…

Dear future traveler, my experience with Alex was great. We walked a sacred circle around the Maas, by following the Nieuwe Maas Parcours. Alex is a very relaxed and laidback guy, who is willing to help and guide you every step of the way. Along the route we paused several times to rest or do a (spiritual) workshop which helped answer some of the questions you might have. Everything was very open and without obligations, so you are free to share as much as you’re comfortable with. As Alex always puts its: ‘it’s an invitation, and with invitations a no is as good as an answer as yes.’ I highly recommend Alex as coach and trainer.
– Elanor

Neither tiring nor tiresome. The Maas Parikrama might take some time to finish, never did it feel like hardship. Instead it’s a great way to see many different parts of the city. Kinda like a nature walk in a concrete jungle. But the walking is not all you’ll do: breathing exercises, meditating, walking in noble silence and group talks where you can just listen or share what is bothering you in a safe environment. I wouldn’t want to say I was cured of all my negative thoughts after the day, but I did get to learn a bit more about myself – and others. Always good to know one is not alone in his of hers struggles. The spontaneous dinner my group decided to share afterwards says was an extra bonus.
– Ilja