Since ancient times many cultures have used the journey as a tool for development and growth. There are many different ways of conducting such a journey. On the Indian subcontinent people of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh & Jain faith engage in a practice called Parikrama. The word Parikrama means simply “the path surrounding” and usually refers to the path surrounding holy/sacred places like temples, mountains or rivers.

As for myself I have used the journey as a development tool on several occasions with life-changing results and now I want to share this experience with people around me.
Although all journeys are unique and different in their own way, every journey has 3 parts, the departure, the passage & the arrival.

The Departure represents a a leaving behind or a letting go; of your family, friends, contacts, emails, all input from the world, subtracting all behavior, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, habits, patterns and shifting your attention to your inner self.
The Passage is about acceptance of what is. Beyond all forms of judgment there is just simple reality. Life, as it is, at any given moment. Observation is the key to acceptance. It is the middle ground between expression and suppression.
The Arrival represents being-ness; about connecting with the person you really are; about living your true self, your purpose. A purpose is something you are already living and not something to be discovered outside of yourself

I regularly arrange day-long walking journeys in Rotterdam called Maas Parikrama – Sacred Circle Rotterdam, designed with guiding questions for you to take the most out of the day and help you on your way to a more clear and focused life.
The next event will take place on October 8th and you can sign up for it here!

I also arrange customized journeys for individuals, groups and organizations. Contact me today to make an appointment for a session together. I look forward to working with you!