Downshifting / Slow living

Ever had the feeling that life is running away from you?

Do you often find yourself busy with things that mean little to you, while constantly neglecting the things that make your heart sing?

Do you often experience stress, anxiety, worry, rush, panic, tension and/or pressure?

I firmly believe that most of us are living at such a high pace we are unable to enjoy our own lives fully. We often take on too many projects, engagements and responsibilities and end up feeling overwhelmed, overstretched and overworked. For me it often happened because of good will (I said yes to everything/everyone) and bad sense of self (I never said yes to myself), but it can have many origins.

By slowing down and focusing my energy in fewer streams I can devote more time & quality to each of the energy streams. This brings not only better results, but more importantly enjoyment in the moment. Through my own experiences with downshifting I have devised a process that I now would like to share with others. Together we take an inventory of where your energy flows and start making conscious decisions of what is important in your life so you can start living a slower lifestyle with more focus, clarity and enjoyment. Contact me today to make an appointment to start your journey towards slow living. I look forward to working with you!