Coaching / Holding Space

At times in our lives we need someone to be fully there with us. Someone that listens with full attention and no judgment; someone who can just be there without trying to “fix our problems”. To me, holding space means just that. To be fully present and open with someone, while holding a safe space of open and honest sharing of what is.

I have experience with many different tools and methodologies, but in my work I have found that the most profound impact I can have on someone’s process is to create this safe space for people to share their truth, their fears & vulnerabilities; to be the mirror that reflects their light back unto them, illuminating their whole being, shadows and all.
When someone feels truly listened to from a space of non-judgment and complete acceptance of what is, true healing and real development can begin.
I believe you have all the answers you need inside, and I can help you to see your own wisdom. Looking honestly at oneself is not always easy, but it will always be worth it!

I offer private sessions for individuals & couples ready to take a new step in life whether it be one of acceptance & healing or one of progress & development. Contact me today to make an appointment for a session together. I look forward to working with you!


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