2014-02-19 12.55.35Originally from Sweden, I have been living & working in the Netherlands since 2007.
After my graduation from Kaospilots in 2011, I started my own business as a coach, trainer and consultant. At first I was working mostly with startup coaching and business development, but gradually my work changed to become more human centred.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from my own personal process and I firmly believe that my karma (past experiences) has shaped my dharma (purpose for existing) and the way I can best serve people is by drawing on the moments in my life that shaped me.

For years I was a serial entrepreneur and some may say ‘addicted to busy’, but after two major burnouts I decided to re-evaluate how to live my life and started the process of clarifying and simplifying my life. It was through this personal transformation process that my life-work started taking shape and I now know that I want to support people in simplifying their lives.

For a more detailed look at my professional life (CV) you can always check my LinkedIn profile and if you have any questions about my personal journey, don’t be afraid to ask.

Love, A

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